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Plasma cutting




Plasma cutting – is one of the most effective methods thermal cut-out metals, on quality it does not concede laser cutting, but it surpasses on economic parameters and more ample opportunities. It is possible to cut as steel (including high-alloy and corrosion-proof), and aluminium, copper and various alloys.

We have an opportunity to execute details plasma cutting as within the limits of any project, as separate orders of anyone range: from industrial parties to piece products. All orders are estimated individually depending on complexity.


The requirement to files for plasma cutting.

Files are accepted in scale 1:1 the following formats:

DWG -        (AutoCad)

DXF  -         (AutoCad)

Also we can develop the drawing or transfer from your sketch.




Available at us plasma cutting Koike, ESAB- one of world’s leaders in this area - allows to reach high level of quality of production.

Parameters: Thickness of cutting to 20 mm (Plasma cutting), 200 mm (Gas cutting). Working width of table surface: 2500 mm. Working length of table surface: 12000 mm. Ttransfers speed to 36000 mm / minutes.




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